SEBAK for exchange

Pre-required Instruction

Before access to Sebak public Testnet, BOScoin devteam strongly recommends to test in your local environment with standalone mode & sebak-angelbot.

In case of you have seen unexpected errors or have questions,

  • Please submit error report or questions to github issue or
  • When submit to github issue, please set the label, ‘Exchange’.
  • In the error report, please include these things,

    • Your error results or questions
    • Where did you find errors, in Testnet or your own environment.
    • SEBAK version and commit id.
    • If you request something to SEBAK, the payload you sent.

Sebak Installation

Please check SEBAK installation.

Running Sebak on localhost (a.k.a ‘standalone mode’)

Please check contents in [standalone mode]

Installation sebak-angelbot, the account creation tool

You can check specific information in the project page, sebak-angelbot.

Test account creation through ‘sebak-angelbot’ in localhost enviroment

How to create account using ‘sebak-angelbot’?

  • Running sebak node as standalone mode.
  • Execute sebak command $ sebak key generate as much as you want. this key pair will be used to create new account in sebak node. We recommend almost 100 keypair.
  • Open text editor and put secret-keys line by line and save in sources.txt file.
  • Running ‘sebak-angelbot’ in your localhost. In ‘sebak-anglebot’ command line options, we recommend --secret-seed to be secret seed of genesis account.
  • From now you can create new accounts.
  • You can check account existed or not, when you used http(or https)://localhost:12345/api/v1/accounts/<one of public address you set in sources.txt>

Test API in localhost environment

You can check Sebak API document contents.

How to make transaction??

required below data format & data

  • All data must be sent through POST method
  • Content-type must be application/json
  • The structure of transaction, you can check in API doc for Post Transaction.
  • BOScoin devteam is still developing the official SDK for various language and environments. At this time, you can use these,

Instruction test on Public Testnet

NOTE: SEBAK only supports HTTP/2.

Sebak public Testnet

You can access . You can test sebak API, API docs.

‘sebak-angelbot’ for testing.

You can access .