As its name implies, Testnet is used for testing purpose. You can create new accounts without any permission or restriction and send payment to other accounts. This network is isolated from the existing token-net network.

SEBAK, the code name of the node powering Testnet is under active development. Be aware that as a consequence, Testnet might experience some periods of instability.

Testnet will be running for testing various kind of experimental features and implementations. You can test all the available features of SEBAK without any restrictions in Testnet.

NOTICE : Your accounts and histories can be changed or deleted without notification.


name value
network-id sebak-test-network
total balance 1,000,000,000,000.0000000BOS
Minimum Balance 0.1BOS(1,000,000GON)
Base Fee 0.001BOS(10,000GON)

Minimum Balance

The minimum balance of new account.

Base Fee

When you send a transaction, creating an account or sending a payment, Testnet network charges an extra fee to handle your transaction. Base Fee is the amount charged.

TestNet and tools


Python SDK for sebak is here ; sebakpy-util

Javascript SDK for sebak is here ; sebakjs-util

Creating accounts should use tool, sebak-angelbot.

Sebak API documents is here ; API docs.

Errors and Q&A

Please refer to this document, When you saw the errors during testing.