Simple guide to Exchanges for BOScoin migration

Dear exchange developers. Hello. Now we are happy to announce BOScoin’s main net ( A.K.A SEBAK) will launch in near future. For the migration in a smooth, Please read below introduction carefully.

For Help to understanding, BOScoin team write down simple guide. You can find specific guide in below link.

Here is the BOScoin SEBAK’s testnet URL address.

Of course you can access when you opend above link aned to send transaction. However before send transaction, you must check SEBAK api at first.

Here is the SEBAK API document.

So We,BOScoin dev team, stronly recommend to test in your local enviroment. You can see the contents How to test in your local enviroment.

At the moment, BOScoin dev team provide SDKs in Python and Javascript. Please check below repositories.

sebakjs-sdk: Sebak SDK in Javascript

sebakpy-util: Sebak SDK in Python

Before send transaction, you are necessary to make account. For that you have to use tool,called ‘sebak-angelbot’. Here is the sebak-angelbot repository

And here is the BOScoin team’s angelbot url address to provide.

NOTE: when you send transaction, Please take care of BOScoin’s measure of amount. BOScoin unit should be GON. It is decimal unit in BOScoin like as Satoshi in the Bitcoin and Gwei in the Ethereum. So 1 BOS equals to 10,000,000 GON.

Q&A inquiries

When you met issues during test on the Public test net,Please send email to

Email must include below informations.

  • Your error results or questions
  • Where did you find errors, in Testnet or your own environment.
  • SEBAK version and commit id.
  • If you request something to SEBAK, the payload you sent.

Thank you.

BOScoin dev team